Meeting Location and Hotel:

The meeting will take place at the Memorial Sloan Kettering in the Rockefeller Research labs (not to be confused with the Rockefeller University). We will meet in room RRL 117 on the ground floor.

Everyone is staying at the Bentley Hotel, here is link to walking directions from the hotel to MSK: Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.26.31 AM

To walk form the Bentley to MSK just walk north on York Avenue and turn left onto 67th street. It’s about 7 minutes. If you ever go under a bridge, you walked the wrong way.


LGA: The closest airport. You can take a cab for ~$35-40 one way to the Hotel (approx. 25-30min), or public transport for a 1h ride at $2.75 (email me for more detailed instructions)

JFK: You can take a cab for a flat rate of $52+tip (and toll, but the driver shouldn’t take you over a toll bridge). It will take about 45min to 1h. Another option is a limousine, but they offer very little advantage. The cheaper option is to use the Airtrain to Jamaica Station (it sounds nice than it is) and the “E” train towards Manhattan / World Trade Center. You will get off at Lexington Avenue and 53rd street, from there it’s about 15min to walk or a short cab ride. This option will set you back $7.75 and take about 1h15min.

EWR: Here I suggest you book yourself a limousine ( It’s still expensive and will set you back ~$50 + tolls + tip, but it sure beats the cab fare. The alternative is to take a bus or train, again, let me know if that’s what you want to do and I give you more details. It’s not that difficult.